Our Story

WORLDWIDE, electric utilities lose an estimated $85 billion annually from theft. At the same time, calls for energy and water conservation are growing more urgent. Electric, gas and water utilities are seeking ways to protect their revenue and reduce waste without large capital investments. CHOICE provides innovative solutions whether you collect billing data in real time or once a month.

The Triple Benefit of Reducing Non-technical Losses

Better theft protection delivers the threefold advantage of recovering lost revenues for utilities, lowering tariffs for public service users, and reducing energy and water consumption.

Our Passion is Revenue Assurance

CHOICE was founded by a group of data scientists determined to develop a robust new theft analytics solution to help utilities drive down non-technical revenue losses with little or no impact on operational costs. In 2003, this belief became a reality with the launch of CHOICE Revenue Intelligence™.

Our growing customer base included one of the largest utilities in Brazil, Light, a four and a half million consumer electricity distribution utility in Rio de Janeiro. Today CHOICE Revenue Intelligence™ suite of products and services is recognized as the top revenue assurance solution for emerging markets, used by 27 electric, gas and water utilities representing more than 100 million customers.

Our passion to cost-effectively provide you actionable knowledge on where to get the greatest return for each inspection dollar spent drives us to develop products and services that adapt as thieves change their tactics.

Think of us as the James Bond of revenue assurance.

How We Work With You

CHOICE experts in loss recovery and computational intelligence work in partnership with your internal specialists to review available data sources and non-technical loss investigation rules and procedures. Through this shared learning approach, we are able to develop a utility-specific recommendation for you employing our highly flexible data analytics solutions.

This partnership approach is how CHOICE continually delivers a quick return on investment even for utilities in emerging markets facing budget and resource constraints. At CHOICE, we work hard to find a solution to recover the revenue you deserve.