Cash Collections

Revenue Intelligence® for Cash Collection supports the utilities sector in maximizing cash flow and providing insightful information regarding the most appropriate method to reach out to defaulting customers (missing one or more payments). With the set of business applications available in Choice Revenue Intelligence™ , electricity, water and gas distribution and/or retail companies can more closely accompany the bill-to-cash process, complying with existing dunning rules and proactively understanding customer payment behavior.

The following video illustrates how Choice Revenue Intelligence™ for Cash Collections supports Negotiations.

It is a modular solution, extremely customizable, with a powerful user interface, which is COMPLETELY CONFIGURABLE AND PARAMETERIZABLE BY THE USER. Our Digital Platform aims to boost Business Efficiency in the revenue recovery process (energy recovery and reduction of defaults).

The Revenue Intelligence® for Cash Collection platform has Machine Learning solutions that enable the management and optimization of collection actions for default situations. As part of its standard deployment, the platform makes available a series of predictive models that take into account the customer’s payment history, consumption information, and even location. Some of the more notable models include:

  • Propensity for default: predicts the probability of a consumer defaulting, with respect to projections of 30, 60 and >90 days terms.
  • Response to collection actions: predicts the probability of payment for a given action / payment collection method.
  • Spontaneous response:: proactively predicts the probability of a customer making good on outstanding debts without the necessity of payment collection prompts.

Revenue Intelligence® for Cash Collection is a modular platform, developed to comprehensively meet the requirements of the debt collection and negotiation processes. It includes the following modules/apps:

Customer Analysis deep-dives into each individual customer situation. Through search features and Google Maps/Street View integration, it is possible to view contracts and related invoices. Some predefined layouts include:

  • Debts
  • Payments
  • PInstallments
  • Collection action events
  • Service Order Events, etc.

Analytics provides several reports, deemed important based on experience in the Utilities sector, in order to gain market agility and see a quick return on investment. Some examples of these pre-defined reports for monitoring and control include:

  • Detailed execution of business processes
  • Daily performance of separate collection actions
  • Degree of delay in payments
  • Performance of disconnection teams
  • Balance, debts and installments paid

Selection allows for prioritization of customers with High Risk and High Financial Impact, grouping those in proximity to each other, through use of the map interface, leading to increased field team productivity.

Additionally, it provides for the automatic generation of optimal lists for each type of collection action. Each collection action can be scheduled based on underlying customer properties and statistical scores. Monitoring of actions and action results can be performed, enabling for the cancellation of outstanding or low-performing actions.

O acompanhamento das execuções e os resultados de cada ação, habilitando ser cancelar ações não executadas ou de baixo desempenho.

Pattern Detection transform tacit knowledge into business rules, allowing for the use of the existing knowledge base. In this app it is possible to simulate rules based on the history of collection actions, estimating revenues based on probabilistic criteria; as well as performing and saving the necessary calculations for all attributes related to a customer.