Revenue Intelligence

Measurably Reduce Non-Technical Losses with CHOICE Revenue Intelligence™

CHOICE Revenue Intelligence™ is the only proven revenue assurance solution for energy and water
utilities in emerging markets.

CHOICE Brings Science to Inspection Team Productivity

Better information means higher success rates on every field inspection, delivering dramatic gains in revenue recovery with no increase in manpower.

Our suite of innovative software solutions transform your disparate data sources into actionable information for the successful recovery of non-technical losses (NTL). Sophisticated algorithms accurately predict the fraud probability and associated financial return for each customer, whether you collect data once monthly or in real time. This allows you to optimize the productivity of your inspection teams by targeting geographic clusters of customers with the greatest chance for measurable recovery.

Revenues increase. Fraudulent energy consumption is reduced. All with little to no impact on your budgeted operational costs.

CHOICE Revenue Intelligence™ integrated suite of software and service solutions include:

  • CHOICE Revenue Intelligence (RI) – The core intelligence platform for reducing non-technical losses, CHOICE RI delivers a user friendly and intuitive interface allowing you to create investigation rules and customer profiles from disparate databases and systems. Unique algorithms then define the investigation rule effectiveness and financial impact for each customer and automatically evolves as thieves change tactics. Read More
  • CHOICE Topos – Innovative geo-spatial intelligence prioritizes and optimizes inspection targets according to risk rates and financial return potential. All displayed graphically in an intuitive map detailing by colour by the lowest to highest potential return on investment. Read More
  • CHOICE RI for Cash Collections – The collections department’s best friend, CHOICE RI for Cash Collections groups customers into clusters by propensity to react positively to varying collection techniques, accelerating the recovery of past-due revenue while minimizing write-offs. Read More
  • CHOICE Advisory Services – Provides on-going support from CHOICE data scientists to assist your utility team with the latest knowledge and insights to maximize system performance. Read More

Our Software Keeps Learning

CHOICE Revenue Intelligence™ is an evolutionary system designed to learn and adapt as thieves develop new tactics to steal energy and water. Adapting future field actions based on this knowledge ensures long-term return on investment. In fact, many of our clients continue to realize tens of millions of resource recovery annually without an increase in field operation budget.