Non-Technical Losses

CHOICE Revenue Intelligence Optimizes Field Inspection Productivity

CHOICE Revenue Intelligence™ provides utility companies the ability to maximize the productivity of their inspection teams by accurately predicting the fraud probability and the financial return potential for each customer.


Fuelled by an initial rule set based upon years of successful non-technical loss (NTL) recovery, CHOICE RI is designed to adapt and build utility-specific concepts and rules following interaction with each utility’s available information. We work collaboratively with your internal technical group to form a Revenue Assurance team to review outcomes identified throughout the install process.

The result is a customized solution based on each utility’s available customer data to deliver dramatic gains in revenue recovery with no increase in inspection team manpower.

CHOICE Revenue Intelligence™:

  • Performs complex investigations into disparate data sources including Consumer Information Systems (CIS), billing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and other data bases
  • Readily accepts your utility’s current investigation rules and customer profiles
  • Defines utility-specific investigation rule effectiveness and financial return potential for each customer using unique algorithms
  • Identifies best targets for maximizing field inspection productivity through highly interactive selection options: consumer type, location area, high financial return, risk versus return option, and more
  • Delivers proven ROI results within months of activation and continuously evolves as thieves change tactics

CHOICE Topos Enhances the View of Risk and Reward

CHOICE Topos™ provides utility companies the ability to deliver a birds-eye view using topological maps to enhance the productivity of their inspection teams by accurately predicting the fraud probability and the financial return potential for each customer. Colourful 200 meter area polygons show up in a continuum of blue (lowest) to red (highest) of shades to identify risk and return potential.

Geo-spatial Intelligence Help Utilities Prioritize Investments

CHOICE Topos is designed to provide a highly interactive topological map view of where the greatest risk and financial return potential exists. Simple point and click allows you to identify subsets of the Google Earth map visual for determining where the best inspection target selections exist. CHOICE Topos is the preferred tool for determining and measuring theft hot spots over time for prioritizing investments to reduce non-technical losses, including adding smart metering and smart grid technologies.

CHOICE Topos™:

  • Provides innovative geo-spatial intelligence to your Revenue Assurance team
  • Prioritizes and optimizes portfolio inspection targets graphically through simple point and click interaction
  • Intuitive mapping details by colour the lowest to highest potential return on investment
  • Showcases problem customer clusters quickly and easily
  • Works seamlessly with all other CHOICE Revenue Intelligence™ modules